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Need to purchase a forklift or lift truck, but worried about how you'll pay for it? Look into our amazing financing options today!


• Rent to own

• Long term rental

• Fair market value

• $1 option lease

• 24-76 month term

• And more!

Flexible financing that's right for you

If you aren't sure which financing option is right for you, get help deciding from our experienced and knowledgeable financing team. With over twenty years' experience helping customers like you, we'll answer your questions quickly and thoroughly. With the information you need, you'll be ready to make the decision that's best for you.

Over twenty years' experience in helping you find financing

Get the forklift financing that's

right for you

When you need a high quality forklift, it can be a lot to pay for all at once. Get the best forklifts around with financing options from Forklift & Parts of LA. Your satisfaction is our number one goal, which is why we offer convenient financing on the forklifts or lift trucks you need. To hear more about financing plans or to get answers for your financing questions, call or visit us today.


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